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Literary Tours and Programs

We have a number of Literary tours that we can offer you.

We can research and plan a tour around most literary subjects.

We can now offer:

*The Shakespeare tour - The life and times of Shakespeare, his places and people, including theater visits, productions, meet the producer / actor/ stage designer, touring places connected with Shakespeare with a specialist guide.

*The Jane Austen and Agatha Christie tour - visiting the sites and places associated with Jane Austen and Agatha Christie in England, their homes, gardens, meeting with English people in different societies associated with the two writers.

*The Literary Murder Mystery tour which can include a Murder Mystery Dinner/week end/ train ride on the Orient Express. We follow in the footsteps of selected British mystery writers throughout Britain. For example In England we can look at some or all of the following authors and many others. These programs can be as academic or as light-hearted as our clients wish.

In England

A selection from Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie, Colin Dexter, Ellis Peters, Ruth Rendell and a new writer of Mystery books, Priscilla Masters. We can give participants a chance to discuss her work with a published author whose work is not as well known as the classic mystery writers subject to the availability of authors.This program travels in London, Oxford and the Cotswolds and to the East of England if time allows, with journeys to the west into Devon.

In Scotland

We can explore the lives and work of some or all of the following - Ian Rankin, Alexander McCall Smith, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; and the Unesco city of Literature in Edinburgh. This program would lead to visits in Edinburgh and the Fife villages on the coast near Edinburgh. We bring in lecturers from Scottish Universities to complete the picture.

Book events

There are a number of wonderful book events in England and Scotland which can be incorporated into the program depending on the dates finally chosen for the tour - the best known of all these is at Hay on Wye in May and there are many others of very high standard and value.

     *A literary Medley - a Literary tour of Britain. This program may be more suited to students or people looking for a review of literature in Britain and visits many of the places associated with a wide range of selected authors throughout Britain.

     *We have a tour titled Northern Writers tour, which is specifically focused on those writers who come from the North or who featured Northern England in their writings. We include both modern and earlier writers and see this tour as a wonderful opportunity to showcase the beauties of the North of England which can be less well know by people from other countries visiting Britain.

     *Cotswolds writers Tour allows us to bring our groups to the Cotswolds for a detailed visit to that mellow part of Britain. Home to a wide range of writers from Laurie Lee to Celia Fiennes and Jilly Cooper to name just a few, this is a part of Britain remains rural in spite of pressures from second home owners and retirees.

     *Wizards tour for Harry Potter fans. A lovely tour of Britain for all those fans of the books and films both younger and older - there is much to entice all age groups in this exploration of England and Scotland.

Under our Irish Connection label we offer:

     *W.B. Yeats and Ireland - an exploration of his life and times and places he loved, with some music making, visiting Irish people in their homes, this is a way to learn about the real Ireland beyond the tourist sites.

     *Myths and Magic of Ireland - an in depth exploration of the amazing undercurrent of myth and magic in Irish life and literature with a guide who is steeped in understanding of this aspect of Irish life.

     *And a new tour of Northern Ireland focusing on C.S. Lewis and his Narnia Chronicles. C.S. Lewis was born in Belfast and loved the Mourne mountains. He traveled with his family to different country houses in Northern Ireland and the tour follows his life and travels. This program can be linked to a Scottish writers program to emphasize the Ulster Scots associations.

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