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Working with for Profit and Non Profit organizations for educational tours

The following are important to us in working with for profit and non profit organizations for educational tours:

Concern and Commitment - Genuine concern for educational quality, economic value and commitment to the client's goals

Detailed Knowledge - Detailed insider knowledge of our special interest areas -tours exceed clients' expectations

Quality of guides and Itineraries - Visit enticing little known places with knowledgeable, charming guides

In checking the relevance of a particular place to visit within Britain we pay attention to the following:

*The destination must be highly relevant to the goals of the client group.
*It must offer a deeply rewarding experience for participants and must be safe and manageable for them.

We also take a lot of care in identifying the key people in the special interest subject area who are the prime focus of attention in the media and academic environments and bring these people to meet the groups wherever possible.

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